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Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday: {Should've Been Me} by Citizen Way

Here's another great song that I've been hearing on KLOVE lately, and wouldn't you know, it meets the Music Monday criteria . . . it has a awesome sound, and an amazing message!  I love it, and I hope you do too!

For this heart you changed
This soul you raised
My God for taking my place

It should've been me
It should've been us
Should've been there hanging on a cross
All of this shame
All of these scars
Should've been stains that were never washed
Why do I hide
Why do you try
Over and over and over again
I guess it just leaves saying thank God
It leaves me saying thank God, thank God
For the should've been

While Chicago natives Citizen Way are a new band to most people, the two sets of brothers Josh (keys) and Ben Calhoun (vocals/guitar) and David (drums) and Ben Blascoe (bass) grew up in the church and have been playing together as a band since 2004. Their debut single "Should've Been Me" speaks of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, and how we can now live because of his selfless act of love. 
’Should've Been Me’ is one of those songs that was already written before I wrote it," says Ben Calhoun. "I was leading worship at a summer camp and the leader asked the students to sum up what they learned that week. One of the students said ‘Well, basically I learned that.., it should've been me.’ A melody and lyrics hit me like a freight train and I sang this song for everyone 20 minutes later. It's a reminder of what the Lord has done, and what He is doing in all of us whether we recognize it or not. It still humbles me and continues to change my heart.”
With a catchy sound and touching lyrics, the band has a way of connecting with listeners that is refreshingly genuine and heartfelt. The meaning behind their name reiterates how important it is to Citizen Way to find their identity through Christ. As described by Ben Blascoe, “Jesus said, 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.' The book of Hebrews speaks of a 'new and living way' that Jesus opened up through His sacrifice on the cross. In the book of Acts, early Christians were called 'followers of the Way.' The name reminds believers that following Jesus grants us citizenship into something bigger - God's kingdom - where true worth is found.”  ~From KLOVE's Website


  1. Awesome song!!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You're welcome, Abbi! Thanks for stopping by. : )

    2. No problem! I love your Music Mondays cause I always find new songs to LOVE! This has been one of my favs. As soon as I heard it I listened to it at least 7 times in a row and I've been listening to it on and off all day!

    3. I'm so glad to hear that, Abbi! :D

  2. Amen. Thank God is right! How often I forget to thank Him for taking my place and washing away my sins. Oh, I thank Him when He answers prayer requests, but, and I'm ashamed to admit, I forget to thank Him again for that answered prayer, probably because I have a new prayer request that needs answering. When really there is so much peace and strength to be found in the remembrance of past testimonies, of what the Lord has DONE. He died for us, will He not freely give us all things if we ask in faith? I want to praise Him for what He's DONE, from Genesis to yesterday, and let that be my faith to believe He will be faithful again today. He paid the ultimate price, everything else we receive after that by His hand is a grace-filled, wholly-undeserved, merciful bonus from the God of Love. We truly can NEVER thank Him enough.

    Thank YOU, dear friend, for always starting my week out the right way - worshiping and praising Jesus :)


    1. What you've said gets a wholehearted AMEN from me, Amanda! I hope you don't get tired of hearing me say this, but I couldn't have said it better myself! ;-)

      You have a way with words that I just love! :)

      Thanks so much for being here!

  3. It's so hard to fathom the cross, isn't it? That Christ would take the sin, shame, guilt, etc. to the cross and nail it there. I'm in awe.

    Thank you for sharing this song, Michelle, I hadn't heard it before!

    1. I'm right there with you, Gabrielle -- completely in awe of our Savior!

      I read your interview with Keli, but didn't get a chance to leave a comment yet. I will soon. :)

  4. LOVE! I've only heard this one time and never knew who sang it--thanks so for sharing! Happy Monday, friend:)

    1. You're welcome, Susan! It's my pleasure. :)

      Glad you like this one!