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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music Video: Hope of the Broken World by Selah

Selah has a NEW FAN!  On August 9th, Candace Cameron Bure posted the video for the song "I Look to You,"  and that was it -- I was sold!  You can read my post for that song here.  In the meantime, I've preordered their new CD, Hope of the Broken World, and found out that they're touring in my area.

WOW!  Now that is what I call a sweet treat!

Todd Smith, Amy Perry, and Alan Hall each bring something unique to Selah, and create a sound that is truly remarkable!  This group has amazing lyrics, vocals, and harmony that is out of this world!  And it's all to the glory of God -- it truly doesn't get much better than that!

I pray this song blesses you as much as it did me!  And thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Oh neat, did you get to see them in concert?? I LOVE Selah, but this song is great! Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Hi Casey! It's good to see you! Hope you're having fun in your new NA position, and that all is going well with that, your writing, reading, etc. : )

    I plan to see them in concert in October. Pretty exciting!

  3. I'll say!

    I'm off until the 30th, but it's going pretty well, just sooo much information to take it, it's incrediable! Thanks for asking. :)

  4. You're welcome, Casey! Glad it's going well, but nice that you have a bit of time off, too. : )

  5. I love Selah! One of my favorites, and I hadn't heard this song yet - thanks for sharing:)

  6. You're welcome, Susan! Thank you for stopping by! : )