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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Book Review: {The Reunion} by Dan Walsh

About the Book:
Aaron Miller was an old, worn-out Vietnam vet, a handyman in a trailer park. Forty years ago, he saved the lives of three young men in the field only to come home from the war and lose everything - including love, dignity, second, and even third, chances.

But God is a master at finding and redeeming the lost things of life. Aaron is about to be found. And the one who finds him just might find the love of his life as well.

Expert storyteller Dan Walsh presents The Reunion, a holiday tale filled with the things his fans have come to love - forgiveness, redemption, love and that certain bittersweet quality that few authors ever truly master. Fans old and new will find themselves drawn into this story about how God cares for everyone.

My Rating: 5 Stars

My Review:
Dan Walsh is a master storyteller, and has woven a wonderful story of love, friendship, forgiveness, restoration, redemption, and second chances.

I found all of the characters to be likeable and believable, and I especially loved the main character, Aaron Miller.  His story is remarkable, and while it's fictitious, I imagine it's one that could easily hold true to real-life veterans.  I truly enjoyed everything about Aaron's character:  how he lived a humble life, how he found beauty in the world and people around him, and how every life he touched was changed for the better.  Everyone who knew Aaron was better off for knowing him.  He touched people's lives in remarkable ways . . . and yet he was humble.  In my eyes, he's a fantastic example of what it looks like to live a life that looks like Christ.  He laid himself aside for others -- back in Vietnam and in his job as a handyman in the trailer park.  His heart for others, and his humble character make him one that I'll never forget.  I'd say he's one of my favorite characters in any book I've ever read.

There wasn't anything I didn't like about the book.  And even though I had a little bit of an idea about which way the story was headed, it didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book.  Then of course, there was the "tear factor" . . . I love a book that moves me to tears, and Dan definitely has the skill to provide a heartwarming and emotional read.  I highly recommend this one with two thumbs up!  Dan Walsh is a talented writer, and I look forward to reading many more of his books.

You can find out more about Dan and his books here at his website.


  1. Great Review Michelle! It was such a beautiful story. Glad you liked it. :)

  2. I too enjoyed this book very much, and actually love all of Dan Walsh's books. Like you say, he's a master storyteller!