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Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Monday: {Banner of Love} by Luminate

This is one of those songs that makes me crank up the volume, and say, "Wow, I really love this song!"  Great sound, with an incredible message!  Banner of Love by Luminate is a single off of their new album, Welcome to Daylight, that releases on Tuesday, August 28th.  Enjoy, and be blessed!

I want to show Your love
I want to lift You higher
I want to reach out and touch this world
We gotta reach out and love this world
We're gonna bring Your love
We're gonna lift You higher
We're gonna reach out and love Your world

From KLOVE's website:
Luminate began as as an independent band touring the country and playing at camps, churches and music festivals. The band, comprised of Samuel Hancock (vocals), Cody Clark (guitar), Dusty Jakubik (bass), Dustin DeLong (keyboards, vocals) and Aaron Matthew (drums) toured non-stop and recorded three releases before officially signing a record deal. It was during those thousands of miles logged on the highways and byways of America where a committed heart for ministry, not to mention a true brotherhood was forged beyond the band’s shared love of music.
Hoping to emphasize the importance of backing up our love by reaching out to those in need, Luminate always plays music with a missionary focus. In a world starved for hope, they offer plenty of affirmation that when you look to God and take in His truth, your life can’t help but change.
The band is currently gearing up to release their upcoming album, Welcome To Daylight (August 28, 2012), a record about hope, joy, and leaving our past regrets behind.“Welcome to Daylight is about opening your eyes for the first time and seeing this world through God’s eyes,” says Luminate front man Sam Hancock. “We strive to love as Christ did, realizing that God moves in and through everything, and knowing it’s all a part of a master plan designed by the Creator of the universe. It’s realizing that not only is God stronger than our weakness, but He is a loving Father who delights in His children spending time pursuing Him and fulfilling His plan for our lives.”
Luminate will be joining the Newsboys and Building 429, on the God's Not Dead Tourthis fall.


  1. I love this group! I had no clue that they were coming out with a cd! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. AWESOME song!! If you only knew the morning I had...perfectly timed:)

    1. Glad you like it, Susan! Hope your day got better for ya. : )