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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Book Preview: {Missing Pieces: real hope when life doesn't make sense} by Jennifer Rothschild

Does God care? Is He fair? Is He even there? Although you may know all the right answers, they don't always feel right. Explore these and other questions in this realistic look at the messy, mysterious uncertainties of faith. God's ways don't always make sense, but He is trustworthy. Come close to Him. Trust Him more than your feelings. God will reveal Himself and fill in your missing pieces. 

Participants who take this Bible Study will:

  • Experience unexpected peace in spite of unexpected heartache
  • Hang on to God's answers when you feel you are at the end of your rope
  • Move forward when you feel stuck in your circumstances
  • Have a greater sense of peace through every storm you face
  • Strengthen your faith when you feel beat down by life
  • Experience stability when tidal waves of emotion hit
  • Trust God more than your feelings 
Below you can watch Part 1 of the Introductory Session of the group video session.  :::warning: you may need Kleenex:::

Below you can watch Part 2 of 2 of the Introductory Session.

You can purchase your Bible Study Member Book at Jennifer Rothschild's store for $12.95 plus S/H.

If you're not familiar with Jennifer Rothschild and her testimony, you can get to know her at the Jennifer Rothschild website.


  1. I really like her! I took a study by her a few years back and loved it--which is really strange since I can't remember the name right now:) I've been looking for a new study, and I'll check this one out. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. You're welcome, Susan! I did one of her studies a couple years ago, too -- Me, Myself, and Lies.