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Monday, November 26, 2012

Music Monday: {Bethlehem Skies} by Dara Maclean

Dara Maclean has a beautiful, new Christmas album available called Bethlehem Skies.  Needless to say, it's beautiful, and I just can't go without sharing it here.  If you love great music, I wouldn't hesitate on picking this one up!

This is what Dara has to say about the album on her website . . .
"It's such a special project to me. The title track was written with and features my friend, the amazing, endearing, hysterical and ridiculously talented Dave Barnes. This song nearly poured out and begged to be written. When we stumbled upon the line "All of this with me in mind... Under Bethlehem Skies". We were both wrecked in the best of ways and thankful for such a special, worship like, song writing experience. Even more exciting though, was thought of getting to share a message of hope in attempting to capture even the smallest glimpse of the heart of God for His children. To think, even before time began, He had a plan in place and us in mind. Now "Nothing can separate us from His love..."
-Romans 8:38-39

Also, it's the first look into a live project called "Ocean Way Sessions", which was a remarkable and life changing day of making music at the famous and historical "Ocean Way Studios" in Nashville. Everything was live, incredible musicians sat around me and played and I just sang and what happened happened, just like in the old days of music making. All these things combined, in addition to some surprises and you have a musical experience I hope, that wraps you up, takes you on a journey and reminds you of all things home and the reason we really celebrate Christmas."

Praying that you have a fantastic Monday, and that this song will bless you.  Enjoy!


  1. That is a beautiful song! And oh my, she is gorgeous on that cover - great winter shot!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving:) Getting those decorations up yet?

  2. Hi Michelle :-) I hope this comment goes through!

    I love Christmas songs! And perfect timing as we have snow on the ground today! Been listening to my Francesca Battistelli Christmas cd and slowly putting out Christmas decorations :-) Will be setting up the porcelain Nativity scene in the living room today!

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving!! Did you have it at your house? What did you make? Mom and I cooked and baked up a storm! Really, is there any meal better than Thanksgiving dinner?? Then we ended the day with games and laughed ourselves right out of our tryptophan coma, lol! ;-)


    1. Hi Amanda! It's so wonderful to see you here! It's been awhile, and I've missed you. : )

      So glad to hear that you're enjoying your Francesca Battistelli CD! I love it, too!

      We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving at my sister's house. I made green bean casserole, brought pie from Costco, and the canned cranberries. My sister did the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. My mom did the sweet potato casserole, olives, and rolls. It was all delicious!

      I'm so glad that you and your family had wonderful Thanksgiving! I laughed out loud when you said, "Then we ended the day with games and laughed ourselves right out of our tryptophan coma, lol!" So funny! ;-)

      I've been subbing so much lately, plus we did some painting and redecorating at our house (all which was caused by our TV that blew up -- you know how one thing leads to another? LOL!).

      Also celebrated my oldest daughter's 16th birthday, plus various Cub Scout events for my son . . . and on and on it goes. Helping my youngest daughter with Algebra . . . you get the idea. ;-)

      Oh my! Anyway, my point being, I've been wanting to catch up with you, but WOW. There don't seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes. I hope to reply to your goodreads message soon -- please forgive my delay.

      I pray that you and your family are enjoying Christmas season!

      Love, hugs, and blessings!

    2. No worries, take your time! In fact, it must have been so long ago that I can't even remember what I said on Goodreads to you, lol! Will have to go back and check :-) I know your busy and totally understand response delays. And I know just what you mean - there really aren't enough hours in the day! I know how busy I am and I don't even have a husband and kids like you do! Then I'm sure subbing takes a lot. God bless those who have the patience to teach children! ;-) Happy belated b-day to your daughter, too!

      Your Thanksgiving sounds like it was delicious and blessed with having loved ones near to celebrate with! Happy you had a nice day :-)

      Our Christmas decorations are finally all up and I love how it all looks! We had snow a few days ago but it has since melted with our Spring-like temps of late... Fingers crossed for a white Christmas!!

      Praying the rest of your week is beautiful and blessed! And I hope you and yours are enjoying the Christmas season, too! :-)

  3. YAY! The comment went through!! I was having so much trouble there for a while, trying to comment on so many of your posts but it not letting me :( It was so weird because I could comment on other blogs... I even tried commenting as Anonymous but it still wouldn't go through... oh well, it works now! :-)