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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WINNER of the My Favorite Bible book Giveaway!

Janet, you are the winner of the My Favorite Bible Giveaway!  Congratulations!  Thank you all for entering!  I will be sending you an email, Janet.  : )


  1. Congratulations to Janet! :)

    And Michelle, I just took a look at the music you're listening to - John Denver is a great choice! :D I guess you could say I grew up with his music - my parents really enjoy it and have played it off and on. :) It's wonderful!


  2. Good morning, Amber! Glad to know you're a John Denver fan, too! His music makes me SO HAPPY! I just love it, and I'm so glad I discovered the Rocky Mountain Christmas CD -- it's truly beautiful!

    Have a great day! : )