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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookie Decorating Tutorial by Karen at {Karen's Cookies}

Well, I feel guilty that I haven't shared  much in the way of  "sweet treats" in quite awhile, so today I am going to share something that I found through my dear friend, Tina's, website Sugar Bean Bakers.  Tina has tons of great ideas to get you busy in the kitchen making delicious treats!  Check out her site -- she's creative and funny, and I really think you'll enjoy it!

Karen's Cookies - Cookie Decorating Simplified
Yesterday, she posted a link to a video from Karen's Cookies that shows a very special trick for mixing icing and filling pastry bags.  It's a GREAT idea, and I will definitely use this trick in the future!  Thank you to Karen at Karen's Cookies for this awesome tutorial!  I've been looking around Karen's website, and it looks like a site that I will be visiting often.  Thanks to Tina, for sharing this site!

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