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Monday, June 10, 2013

Music Monday: {Hurricane} by Natalie Grant

Hello, and Happy Music Monday!  Today's selection is the brand-new single, Hurricane, by Natalie Grant.  If you like a fun, fresh, pop sound with a great message, then I think you'll really enjoy this song!  Natalie seems to be up to big things these days with her music ministry, and with this new single, I'm hoping that the complete album isn't too far off.  I pray you enjoy this song, and that you have a blessed week!


  1. I keep hearing this song mentioned but I keep forgetting to look it up so thanks for sharing! This is a great song! I love Natalie's music!

  2. Natalie is awesome - I love her songs! Haven't heard this one before, so thanks for sharing it, Michelle!! You have a good week too:)