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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{A Quote to Inspire You} #1

I thought it would be nice to share inspirational quotes with you on Wednesdays.  I hope you'll enjoy this addition to Sweet Treats & Inspiration.

Be encouraged, and be blessed!

"We are never more like our Father in Heaven than when we are kind to the ungrateful and wicked."
~Beth Moore


  1. Love quotes, dear Michelle! And hope your week is going wonderfully! Bet you're busy baking and teaching:)

    1. Hi Laura! You're so sweet to stop by and say hello! It's wonderful to see you! : )

      I'm having a very good week! I actually had a little bit of time off, but I'll be quite busy the next few weeks. I was teaching today in the special ed class, and I'm scheduled to substitute 10 more days this month. : )

      I subbed 10 days in April, so things are going very well with work.

      I haven't baked anything recently, but I may get to that this weekend. ;-)

      I pray that all is well with, Laura. (((HUGS)))

  2. Wednesdays Quotes is a wonderful idea! =)
    thanks so much for sharing this wonderful quote, it helped me today.

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for stopping by -- it's great to see you here. : )

      I'm so glad that you like the idea of sharing quotes, and I'm especially glad that this particular one spoke to your heart today, as it certainly spoke to mine.


  3. Um yea, that's a truth, isn't it? And you know what? I can handle the wicked much better than the ungrateful at times.

    1. Definitely, Susan! I know exactly what you mean -- especially when the ungrateful ones are my kids. :/