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Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday: {How Emptiness Sings} by Christa Wells

I discovered Christa Wells a couple months ago when Janelle at Comfy in the Kitchen mentioned Christa's album, Frame the Clouds, on her facebook.  I listened to the samples on iTunes, and bought the album that day, and I've been loving it ever since!  Her voice and music are AMAZING!  In the reviews that I've included below, her music is referred to as, "captivating, compelling, phenomenal, and poignant," to name a few.  If you like JJ Heller, Audrey Assad, Sara Groves, and Brooke Fraser, I have no doubt that you'll fall in love with Christa Wells.

The following video is one of the songs from her 2011 release, How Emptiness Sings.  I purchased this one too, and have had it on repeat -- so beautiful!  Take a listen, and let me know what you think.

Enjoy and be blessed!

"Glory to God, Glory to God! In fullness of wisdom, He writes my story into His song, 
My life for the glory of God."

Praise for How Emptiness Sings:
“How Emptiness Sings is nothing short of phenomenal...The title track narrates the stories of people who have sacrificially given of themselves to give glory to God. There is an ethereal quality to its whole composition. This is not the first song of encouragement ever written, but it among the most astute, the most poignant... ...Shrewd, discerning, compelling – her unique way with words puts her in that league of writers at the top of the game...If it were merely beautiful, How Emptiness Sings would still be great, but Christa Wells easily transcends mere greatness with her insightful lyricism.”
“Let me just say this is one of the most captivating albums I’ve ever heard. Christa has a vocal sincerity and creativity that rivals Brooke Fraser, Audrey Assad, JJ Heller and Sara Groves... For me, the standout experience of this stellar album is hanging on every note of the gorgeous title track, “How Emptiness Sings." choice for song of the year. I am so captivated by this album, I have to give it 5 stars and every song is incredible. I only wish there were a few more songs, it’s that good. For sure, this is the ultimate “gourmet” release of 2011.”
“If you are not familiar with Christa Wells, now is the time to get acquainted...Her latest work, How Emptiness Sings, is a poetic masterpiece. Clocking in at just under 26 minutes, this release is comprised of seven well written songs, no filler. ”
"This full of compelling, memorable lyrics, wistfully poignant lead vocals and well-blended harmonies. Christa's vocal style has been likened to that of Sarah McLachlan and Sara Groves and she is the equal to both these huge talents...Thoroughly recommended."
Beckie Weadon - Cross Rhythms

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  1. I completely see why you purchased her CD! Beautiful:)